1. 2009-2011 State Audit (PDF)

    View the 2009-2011 audit by the State of Michigan.

  2. Consolidation of Services Plan (PDF)

    View the Village of Stevensville Consolidation of Services Plan.

  3. Employee Compensation Plan (PDF)

    View the Village of Stevensville Employee Compensation Plan.

  4. Government Links

    Find helpful links for the state of Michigan, Berrien County, and the Lincoln Charter Township.

  5. Title VI Non-Discrimination Plan (PDF)

    View the Title VI Non-Discrimination signed plan.

  6. Village Ordinances

    View the Village Ordinances online.

  7. Village of Stevensville Financial Summary Data

    The Municipal Financial Summary contents are intended as a means to provide transparency and accountability to citizens regarding the municipal budget and finances.

  8. Village of Stevensville Municipal Dashboard

    View useful information about the Village of Stevensville including a financial summary and an overview of the quality of life.

  9. Village of Stevensville Performance Data

    The Municipal Performance Dashboard includes financial and operating measures important to the government and its citizens.