Manager & Village Council

The Village of Stevensville operates under a council-manager form of government. The Village Council is the policy-making body that authorizes a professional manager to oversee the daily operations of the village.

In addition to the Municipal Code, which establishes many of the rules and regulations by which the Village operates, the Council has also adopted separate Council Polices on certain matters related to municipal activities.

Village Council

  • President - Steve Slavicek
  • President Pro-Tem - Pat Arter
  • Trustee - Ken Hansen
  • Trustee - Brian Liggett
  • Trustee - Amanda Pohyba
  • Trustee - Carl Steinberger
  • Trustee - Christopher Mason
  • Clerk - Tiffany Moore
  • Treasurer - Barbi Hammond
  • DPW - Ken Alexander
  • DPW - Daniel Kruck


The Village Ordinances have recently been re-codified. View our online Code of Ordinances.

Note: The official ordinances are at the village hall. Village hall is located at:
Village Hall
5768 Saint Joseph Avenue
Stevensville, MI 49127
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  4. Village Hall Closed Dates

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