The Building Department is responsible for ensuring work done in the village is up to local, state and federal code. This includes building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical inspections, and  regulation of fences, signs and rental units.

For information on Zoning Permits and Development, click here.  

Building Department Permits

Building Permits, for any work that physically changes or adds structure to your property or for work regulated by local or state codes or ordinances, including electrical, plumbing or mechanical work.

Fence Permit is required prior to any work. A $30 administrative fee must be submitted with the application.

Rental Unit Registration for all rental units, long and short term. A $35 inspection fee must be submitted with the application. Other requirements are outlined in the application.

Right of Way Permit required to close a village road due to work being performed

Sign Permit for any new sign to be put up in the village. $30 fee per sign. 

Permits may be:

  • Email to [email protected]
  • Faxed to 269-429-7391
  • Dropped in the Dropbox outside of Village Hall
  • Mailed to:
    Village of Stevensville
    5768 St. Joseph Ave.
    Stevensville, MI 49127