Public Works

Public Works is responsible for streets, landscaping, decorations, parks and building maintenance, and waste removal.

If you have any questions for the Public Works Department, call 269-429-1802.

Public Works Services

Large Trash Pick-up
Fall Leaf Pick-up
Brush Pick-up

Road Repair

The Village recently had a PASER Report completed that evaluated village roads and scored them based on condition. You can read the PASER Roads Report here.

Keep Our Waterways Clean!

The water that goes down village drains leads directly into the lake. It is imperative that the village's storm waterways are kept clean. To find winter and summer tips for keeping our waterways clean, click here.

Snow Tips

As snow arrives to the Village of Stevensville, please remember:
  • The Village's snow removal priorities are 1) major streets 2) secondary streets, 3) public parking (both on-street and public parking lots) 4) public sidewalks.
  • Snow and ice removal from sidewalks is the responsibility of property owners within 24 hours after a snow or ice event.
  • Do not shovel, plow or blow snow into any street. This is prohibited by Village Ordinance and a citation could be issued.
  • Remove trash/recycling receptacles during snow events to make way for plowing
  • Daytime on-street parking is prohibited during a snow event to facilitate plowing.
  • Please shovel around fire hydrants as a courtesy to our local fire fighters.

Yards and Sidewalks

Help us keep streets free of leaves, grass clippings and branches. Please refrain from placing yard waste in the streets. This will clog our storm drains! Edging sidewalks and curbs in front of your home and use of weed killer where appropriate improves curb appeal. 

Please trim and rake items away from fire hydrants, trees, poles or other obstacles. Shrubs, flowers and trees should not extend over sidewalks and overhanging trees should be trimmed to seven feet.

If you notice sidewalk tripping hazards, such as more than ½” difference between slabs or loose pieces of concrete, please let the Village know so those sections are included in the repair schedule.