This page outlines recently adopted ordinances in the Village and highlights important ordinances for residents.

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Parking Ordinance
Business License Ordinance
Purchasing Policy Ordinance

Important Ordinances for Residents

Weeds, Litter, and Unsafe Trees
Chapter 24-6, IPMC 302.4 

The owner or person in control of any private premises is responsible for:

  • Maintaining premises to be free of noxious weeds, grasses and unsafe trees or limbs
  • Cutting weeds and grasses on vacant lots or other premises prior to going to seed
  • Maintaining a grass height of less than 6 inches 
  • Correcting any ordinance violation within 48 hours of notice. If the condition is not corrected within 48 hours of violation notice, the Village, or it's contractor may complete necessary work at the Village's current established rate. The minimum fee is $95. 
Trash Receptacles

Chapter 24-37

  • Do not place trash receptacles at the curb more than 24 hours before pickup
  • Trash receptacles must be removed from the curb within 24 hours of pickup
  • The same rules apply to large trash items scheduled for pickup

Chapter 28, Article II

It is the owner or occupant's responsibility to:

  • Keep sidewalks free from sand, dirt, rubbish, litter, and filth
  • Promptly remove all ice and snow


  • No person shall park on any paved street between the hours of 2:30 am and 6:00 am between November 1st and March 31st (Chapter 32-75)
  • All motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, trailers, etc must be parked on surfaces which meet the requirements of parking areas as outline in Chapter 36-450, and not on any grasses. 
  • Automobiles that are inoperable or with expired registration must be parked away from public view, either in a garage or accessory building.
Garages and Accessory Buildings
R1 zoned ordinance overview for garages and accessory buildings.

Building Permits Required

Building Permits are required for buildings more than 200 square feet and for other work, including roofing, decks, window replacement and other activities. See the Building Department page for more information.