The Village has a park, nature areas and a downtown green space. For more information about Village Parks, read the Community Parks and Recreation Plan.

Hickory Creek Park

 With a dog park and playground, Hickory Creek offers residents a place to play. In 2021, the Village received a Department of Natural Resources grant to build a pavilion with restrooms, sink and kitchen counter space. The project is set to begin in Spring 2022 and when finished, will be available to the community to rent for parties or gatherings.

Help Support Hickory Park

The Village of Stevensville is accepting donations to help raise funds for the Hickory Creek Park. All donations of $25 or more will receive a "Ville" tee shirt. Donations can be made at the Village Hall, or by clicking on the following link....

Jung Memorial Nature Area

The Jung Memorial Nature Area is 12.8 acres of wooded area along Hickory Creek. There is a walking path that can be used for snow-shoeing or cross country skiing in the winter.

Stevensville Nature Area

Located at the south end of St. Joseph near village limits, the Stevensville Nature Area is 10.08 acres of nature. The Village has plans to develop this area into a community park.

Downtown Green space

Located in the heart of the Village on the corner of St. Joseph Ave and Kimmel Street, this area has benches and is the home to the Village's Santa during the winter holiday season.