Zoning & Development

This page houses information about the village zoning ordinances and steps for applying for variances or other processes related to zoning and development.

For a more thorough description of these processes, including timeline, cost, application and more, read the Zoning and Planning Permit Application Processes document.

For more information on building permits, see the Building Department page.

Zoning Ordinance

The zoning ordinance outlines the rules for residential, industrial, commercial and other categories of plots in the village. This document is law, and violations to the zoning ordinance may result in fines or other legal issues. For more information, read the complete village zoning ordinance and view the zoning map, adopted November 2021.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission develops the first draft of the village zoning ordinances. They also hear requests for rezoning and special land use, as well as review site plans. For information about Planning Commission meetings and to see the meeting minutes, go to the Planning Commission page.

Zoning Permit Requests

Residents can submit zoning request applications for the following purposes. See the Village Fee Schedule for application fees.


To amend or supplement the village zoning ordinance. This may be initiated by the village council, planning commission or proposed for consideration by the owner of real estate within the village.

Special Land Use

Required if an applicant wants to develop or use land for a specific purpose, as outlined in the zoning ordinance.

Site Plan Review

Required for certain developments or when requesting rezoning. Applicants can use this Site Plan checklist to ensure completeness.

*Applicants can also submit sketch plans for conceptual review prior to application submission.


A request for permission to veer from the approved zoning ordinance rules because there are exceptional circumstances applying to the property in question that does not generally apply to other properties in the same zoning district.

Planned Development District

Building and development in the zoned Planned Development District require approval.


An appeal of a Planning Commission decision.

If you have any questions about zoning, the planning commission or anything else, call village hall at 269-429-1802 or email [email protected]