Rental Unit Registration

All rental units, whether short or long term rentals, need to be registered with the village. This process involves an initial inspection by the Building Inspector, and follow-up inspections when the rental certificate is up for renewal.

This page has all the information and forms for rental unit registration. If you can't find what you're looking for, call Village Hall at 269-429-1802, email [email protected], or stop by 5768 St. Joseph Ave.

How to register a rental unit in the Village of Stevensville

  1. Submit a completed Rental Unit Registration form and $35 rental inspection fee
  2. Ensure that your unit complies with all requirements in the Rental Unit Registration form
  3. If the application is complete and approved, the applicant will receive a written notice from the village notifying them to contact the Building Inspector to schedule an inspection
    1.  If application is incomplete or not approved, applicant will receive a notice from the village and have the opportunity to rectify any problem
  4. Building Inspector will use the Rental Property Inspection Checklist to ensure rental unit is up to code and acceptable to rent out.
  5. If checklist is complete with no issues to correct, the Village will issue a Certificate of Compliance to the applicant.
    1. If checklist is not complete, applicant must make the necessary changes to get the property in compliance. Applicant may schedule another inspection at that time.
  6. The rental unit may now be rented.

Short Term Rentals

For short term rental units, between each short term rental to a different tenant, the local rental agent must inspect the unit using a Village-designated checklist to ensure that all smoke detectors, lights in common areas and stairways, egress doors, and railings are in a safe and working condition. Any defects discovered must be promptly corrected. The agent must maintain it for Village inspection and copying for a period of at least two years.

Expiration & Renewal

Certificates of Compliance expire after one year. It is the property owner or agent's responsibility to renew the certificate and schedule an inspection at least 30 days prior to the expiration of a Certificate of Compliance. When a Certificate of Compliance is reissued, it will have a two-year expiration date with the same month and day as shown on the previous certificate, regardless of the date that the new certificate is actually issued.