Building Permits

A permit is required for any construction or work that physically changes or adds structure to your property or for work regulated by local or state codes or ordinances.

When Do I Need a Permit?

Permits are required for the following activities:
  • New buildings
  • Detached accessory buildings that exceed 200 square feet
  • All non-residential construction
  • Additions and alterations - fireplace, pools, decks, egress windows, remodeling with structural changes
  • Moving or demolishing a structure
  • Temporary structures - barns, sheds
  • Installation of heating equipment, such as wood stoves, or air conditioning
  • Change in use of a structure
  • Repair from fire and natural damages
  • Install or alter any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system

  • Permit Types

    It is common that projects require more than one permit, depending on the project. Contact the village with questions about which permit is needed for your project.

    • Building Permit for new buildings (homes, businesses, sheds, accessory buildings, etc), roof repair or replacement, submit Roofing Questionnaire with building permit application), deck repair or replacement.
    • Electrical Permit for new buildings, air conditioner work, or any project that includes electrical work. Fee required, noted in the application.
    • Mechanical Permit for new buildings or any project that includes mechanical work. Fee required, noted in the application.
    • Plumbing Permit for new buildings or any project that includes plumbing work. Fee required, noted in the application.

    Permit Process

    The process for submitting a building, mechanical, electrical, or plumbing permit is as follows:

    1. Contractor or homeowner submits permit application, required supplemental documentation (stated on the application) and payment. Payment is based on the cost of the work being done. The process will not move forward until payment is received. Building Permit fees can be found on the Building Fee Schedule. All other fees are noted on the application.
      1. For new homes or buildings, applicants must submit:
        1. Building Permit Application
        2. Electrical Permit Application
        3. Mechanical Permit Application
        4. Plumbing Permit Application
        5. All associated permit application fees
        6. 5 copies of the site plan
    2. Once application, supporting documents and fee is received by the village, work can begin. To confirm receipt of permit application, applicant can call village hall.
      1. Site Plan review by the Planning Commission is required for the following zoned areas before work begins.See zoning map for village zones. Check the Planning Commission page for meeting schedule. If this is required, village staff will contact the applicant to confirm.
        1. C1 General commercial districts
        2. C2 Central Business districts
        3. I2 Industrial districts
        4. R1, R2, R3, R4 for all uses other than single-family and two-family dwellings and their accessory buildings and uses
        5. All special land uses
        6. All developments to be located in a wetland or within a 100-year floodplain.
    3. Permit is processed by the village Clerk and sent to relevant inspector for review.
    4. Inspector reviews application. If it is a larger project, the inspector will call the applicant to schedule a check-in inspection prior to project completion.
    5. When project is complete, applicant must call the relevant inspector to complete an inspection. If this is not scheduled before the permit expires, typically within 1 year, then the process will begin again. Inspector contact information can be found on this page.

    If you have any questions about building permits, call Village Hall at 269-429-1802, or the appropriate inspector.