Ordinance Rewrites

The village is updating and rewriting the village ordinances. Ordinances act as the laws of the village and require regular review and updates. The current village ordinances can be found here.

With the help of an attorney, the ordinances will be reviewed and proposed changes will be made to update information and allow for appropriate enforcement. As draft ordinances are complete, they will be posted on this page. We encourage residents to look through the proposed rewrites and provide feedback. Once all ordinance re-writes are drafted, the village council will hold a public meeting to get feedback on the proposed changes. 

If you have any questions or comments, email Kacey, the village manager at [email protected] 

Draft ordinances ready for public review & comment:

Purchasing Policy 

Next up for review:

Noise, Odor & Other Nuisances
Property & Building Maintenance
Liquor Ordinance

Coming soon:

Village Administration
Downtown Development
Disorderly Conduct
Fire Prevention & Protection
Garage Sales
Hunting & Weapons
Land Divisions & Land Combinations
Peddlers & Solicitors
Rental Units
Special Assessments
Storm Water Management
Streets & Sidewalks
Traffic & Vehicles
Trash & Waste
Water & Sanitary Sewer